12 November 2012

A few common C++ problems

A few common C++ problems

In this section, we’ll address some of the common issues that new programmers seem to run across with fairly high probability. This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of compilation or execution problems, but rather a pragmatic list of solutions to very basic issues. If you have any suggestions for other issues that might be added to this list, post them in the comments section below.
Problem 1: When executing a program from the IDE, the console window blinks and then closes immediately.
Answer 1: Some compilers (eg. Bloodshed’s Dev C++) don’t automatically pause the console screen after the program has finished executing. If this is the case with your compiler, the following two steps will fix your problem:

30 September 2012

Awesome Computer Tricks That You May Have Never Seen Before...!

Many of you may have probably seen these computer tricks before but I’m hoping that there are still some who’ll be amazed with what I’m going to show you. These are some of the most popular and really amazing computer tricks that I collected from the internet. I know you’re excited to see these tricks so I’m going to show it to you now. Check this out:

10 September 2012

Side Effects of Facebook...

  Hi friends here I again come with new post about Facebook. If you are the social networking site's lover guys then you may suffer from very bad effects of social networking site.
Nowadays, many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and many more are trying to be on the first of the list by giving the facilities to their customers to chat with their friends, share their photos, and so on. They bring relation closer but actually it create big gaps among our relatives or family as their children or family member who are using Facebook is always siting on the front of their PCs (just like a parasites which always lives on the body either its inside or outside)and sacrifice their family just for this nonsense social networking site as they not give time to their friend and family for their self enjoyments.

09 September 2012

How to Lock Down Your Facebook Profile...

How to Lock Down Your Facebook Profile    Many millions of people worldwide enjoy connecting with friends and family via Facebook. We get a kick out of sharing baby pictures, funny websites, and our latest adventures. Sometimes, though, we share more than we know, and more than we should. For example, a cyber-creep with access to your profile might be able to answer the security questions associated with your online banking account. Scary!

06 September 2012

Effects Of Olympics 2012 on Facebook...

  Olympics 2012 will be remembered as many reason-- First one is of its opening Ceremony of Olympics 2012 that was tremendous. And second one is USA's and China's medal (as they have shown fantastic performance in Olympics and brought many medal to their homelands ) highly buzzing of Olympics 2012 either it is on internet,social networking sites or in the lips of friends or relatives. As far as Facebook consulted, Olympics 2012 may also be remembered as SOCIAL OLYMPICS as Olympics player's page has received so many likes, comments, posts on their page.

05 September 2012

Upcoming Technologies and gadgets Of 2012-2013...Once You Starts Reading , Then You Can't Able To Stop Yourself..

  Are you waiting for 2013 to come soon just only for new tech gadgets realeases? You Should. I am also waiting for those days. I can't control my excitement so I mentioned here(in this post) to you just because you should also be exited about this like me.Their is many gadgets and tech stuff to be release in coming years.Read full articles (like a real technology worms , AHEM! ) of upcoming techmania year's gadgets and many more things. And don't forget to write in comment that you are excited or not.....amazed or not.....eager to buy that or not....and so on.

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